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Web Development

Custom Web Sites and Web Applications

Hardly any company can do without a website. Regardless of whether you only need a digital business card or want to present your company with a large website: No company website is too small and none too big for us! We create the website according to your requirements, goals and your budget.

How we work

In the first step, we clarify the specific requirements together. Questions like
  • Which target group (s) should be addressed?
  • How extensive should the website be?
  • Should it be a simple “homepage” (digital business card) that only offers basic information or is it an extensive website?
  • Is there already a corporate design in which the website should fit seamlessly?
  • Is multilingualism an issue?
  • Are there plans for the future that should already be included in the planning of the website?
and so on. In the second step we create an analysis and a draft for your website based on the information we obtained in the first step. Changes and extensions are still easily possible here. The third step is implementation. In the fourth step, acceptance and, if necessary, small changes are made. The site goes live online. And your company is already represented on the World Wide Web

We rely on proven technology

When developing websites, we (almost) always use so-called content management systems (CMS for short). We rely on the three large, proven CMS systems: Joomla, WordPress and TYPO3.


Joomla is particularly widespread in German-speaking countries and offers almost everything “out of the box”. Joomla is relatively easy to use and expand, and well configurable. The selection of customizable premium templates is very large. This makes Joomla a very good choice for medium-sized websites.


WordPress is clearly the leading content management system worldwide. WordPress Web Blogs System was originally developed and is not as extensive in its basic configuration as other CMS. Due to the variety of plugins, everything from shop systems to complex corporate sites can be created. The choice of customizable premium templates is very large and the system is quite easy to use.


TYPO3 is especially popular in the German-speaking countries and is perfect for large, extensive websites. TYPO3 is an enterprise level CMS and very flexible. The disadvantage: The configuration and use is not so easy compared to Joomla or WordPress. We recommend TYPO3 especially for large websites.
The most used Open Source CMS in Austria 2020. Source: builtwith.com
The most used Open Source CMS worldwide 2020. Source: builtwith.com

What else we can do for you

Of course, we always keep search engine optimization in mind when creating your website. Of course, we would also be happy to advise you on the optimization of content with regard to search engine optimization and can also assist you in the operation of your website.